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We build projects that fulfill your needs, be it Energy, Waste to Energy, Green Construction or Environmental Solutions.

To deliver turn-key projects, a detailed process is necessary before a project can arrive at the production stage. DNA Group’s professionals are specialist planners in mechanical construction with environmental engineers, geographers, geologists, hydrologists, architects, landscape designers, financial analysts and technical specialists in order to take a project from the conceptual planning stage through to its final completion and operation.

Project O&M teams will be trained on site under the responsibility of the DNA Group.

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DNA Global Partners is the Group's Parent & Central Administration Company.

Renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy Projects developed by DNA often incorporate diverse  electronic components. Projects are constructed to maintain their maximum output  during the operational lifetime of the technology, calculating the lowest LCOE. Projects will be  evaluated by our technical, legal and financial specialists to ensure the technologies maximum efficiency.

Waste to energy projects

A waste gasification processes represents significant advances, including the production of synthetic gas or Syngas. Instead of  producing uniquely heat and electricity, Syngas produced by gasification can be transformed into higher value commercial products. Gasification of MSW and Biomass does not necessarily require larger gasifiers which are generally used in industrial applications. We have bespoke technologies for every solution.  

Environmental solutions

The stewardship and environmental use of lands that maintains their productivity, biodiversity, regeneration capacity and vitality. This creates the potential to fulfill both now and in the future, relevant Ecological, Economic and Social functions at Local, Regional and National levels whilst protecting the Eco-System.

Green construction projects

Refers to a structure or process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-span, from planning, design, construction to demolition. To  achieve  sustainable building construction we control the total process. We prioritize on the use of locally produced materials to eliminate  impact both on local people and the environment.

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