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During the last years of the Group’s expansion and International Development, procedural documents are outlining the DNA Group’s position in the developing commercial arena. These clear, precise guidelines have been designed to aid all those in the above categories to accurately and efficiently assist in promoting and expanding the DNA Group’s agenda with our team members and together with our international range of clients within Government and the Private Sector..

1. DNA GLOBAL PARTNERS LIMITED: remains the DNA Group’s Exclusive Administrative and Holding Company, headed by The Group Chairman, CEO/CAO, COO, as the DNA Group’s Executive Directors. Other Directors may be appointed as and when appropriate. DNA Regional Companies and other DNA Group Companies may be invited to become members of The Company, by the allocation of shares. DNA Global Partners Limited at all times within the project process remains the Exclusive Main Contractor and Project Promoters. All communications within the DNA Group and Partners are conducted in the English Language to the Communication Officer (CAO) and are subject to the laws of England and Wales.

2. DNA REGIONAL AND GROUP COMPANIES: remain commercial entities with precise legally authorized territories and/or sectors of Commercial Operation within the DNA Group’s Areas of Operations for developing commercial projects in Renewable Energy and Environmental Solutions and Product Sectors. These DNA Group Companies remain semi-autonomous with DNA Global Partners Limited retaining shares in each company with a minimum of Three (3) Directors on each Company Board.

3. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS: DNA Global Partners Limited for and on behalf of the DNA Group of Companies enters uniquely into strategic, legally binding, Territorially Exclusive Agreements, working with companies in the Technical Disciplines required for the DNA Group’s commercial activities. All Companies providing technical products and services must ensure that their technology is developed and commercially operational meeting both International Renewable Ecological Energy Standards and Health and Safety Regulatory Standards. It is the legal obligation of a Technology Partner to be able to present their technology as operational with a required current product with full operating Insurance available for public inspection. Technology Partners must provide proof of commercial and financial solvency and the legal provenance of their technology proposed for any Project(s) where the DNA Group acts in their official capacity as Principal Project Promoters. All Agreements will be written in the English language subject to the laws of England and Wales.

4. EPC CONTRACTORS: DNA Global Partners Limited, for and on behalf of the DNA Group of Companies, enter uniquely into strategic legally binding Territorially Exclusive Agreements with the above as Partners/Constructors and Implementers of the DNA Group’s projects as legally agreed upon and under the full control and direction of the DNA Group of Companies’ Relevant Personnel throughout all periods of the duration of the contract and any subsequent Post-Construction Service Period. EPC Partners must provide full proof of Commercial and Financial Solvency and be able to provide previous evidence of their professional competence and capabilities in order to satisfy both the DNA Group of Companies and their Funders. All Agreements must be written in the English Language and subject to the laws of England and Wales.

5. JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS: DNA Global Partners Limited for and on behalf of the DNA Group of Companies enter uniquely into strategic legally binding Territorially Exclusive Agreements with above Partners in a leading capacity which will be determined under the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement. All Agreements must be written in the English Language and are subject to the laws of England and Wales.

DNA|Global Partners Limited
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DNA|Group of Companies

DNA|Energy Group develops Renewable Energy and Environmental Solutions Projects Worldwide and have the commercial, technical, legal and financial skills and experience to undertake wide range Projects, currently operating on three Continents.

To deliver Turnkey Renewable Energy Projects, a detailed process is necessary before a project can arrive at the production stage. DNA|Energy Group’s team of professionals are specialist planners in mechanical construction with Environmental engineers, geographers, geologists, hydrologists, managers, landscape designers, financial analysts and specialists in order to take a Project from the conceptual planning stage through to the final operational production stage
Contractual relations for JV partners with DNA|Energy Group is governed by the general terms and conditions which may be amended in certain circumstances. Potential Project partners/clients are required to agree and abide by these conditions when entering into a working relationship with DNA|Energy Group for the realization of Renewable Energy Projects, for the Projects contractual duration.
The English version of this project strategy document is legally binding and shall prevail over any translation which has been provided for commercial reasons.
DNA|Energy Group works with local partners and local universities and technical institutes. Which will be invited to create programs for transfer of knowledge and training programs regarding Renewable Energy Technologies.
DNA|Energy Group takes pride in its social responsibility, donations from local projects will be invested in local educational, humanitarian and environmental projects.

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