Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a strict set of guidelines' in place for our partners, clients and environmental solutions.

Since 2012, our team has understood the necessity for integrating the demand for Renewable Energy and Environmental Solutions.

From foundation in 2012 the DNA Group has proved itself to be a driven dynamic corporate group, focusing on the renewable energy and environmental solutions sector, creating, developing, marketing and promoting an exciting range of cutting-edge technologies, destined to ensure that our planet has a sustainable and reliable energy and environmentally safe future.

We have with our strategic partnership network, from foundation, expanded into today’s renewable energy and environmental solutions market as an rapidly developing global player with an impressive, versatile project portfolio, operating today in more than a dozen countries in three continents.

DNA Group Trading Companies

DNA Global Energy Limited

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DNA Green Planet Limited

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Renewable Energy

Waste To Energy

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Environmental Solutions

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Bio Pharmaceuticals

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Quality comes first. All details are examined whilst the Project is under Construction. We focus a 100% on delivering the best possible Technical and Financial Project Solution.


We are dedicated providing our partners and clients one stop innovative solutions for their Renewable Energy / Waste to Energy / Environmental Solutions / Green Construction projects.

The foundation of any project is rooted in the concept and design stages, being one of the major steps in a project life cycle, which has the largest impact on costs and ultimate project performance.  

unequaled QUALITY

DNA Group  of Companies and Partners have completed many projects in the Renewable Energy and Environmental sector Worldwide. Based on our project experience we are confident that we know the importance to deliver quality.

DNA Global Partners as the senior Group company acts as main contractor and is legally responsible for all aspects of a project. 

We are the main project contractors for all your project requirements.

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Strategic partners

Project Development Process

Project proposals to DNA Global Partners needs to contain the following information:

All legal permits have been acquired:

Power Purchase Agreement in place:

Feasibility Study in place:

Technical Assessment completed.

Drawdown of funds to be determined on a Project by Project basis.

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Project Construction Phase

Project Construction is divided into different phases, each culminating with a review of the progress achieved. Robust contingency plans are in place. Benchmarks for the achievements of the major technical tasks will be the Key Focus in the overall goal of building the Electricity Producing Power Plant.

Project Construction starts on signed contracts by all Stakeholders.

Project Construction & Security Plan.

Site acceptance marks the start of a testing period before complete site hand-over. After this testing period, DNA Group will carry out Project site transfer to Project SPV. 

Project SPV will start sales of electricity to National Grid or Local Clients.

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Exit Strategy (to be determined per Project), all Projects will be constructed on a Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) basis.

Operation & Maintenance

Scope of Services

Standard for Performance of Services


Operating Records & Reports

O&M will be conducted by specialists and trained National Personnel under the Management of DNA Group.

Operation & Maintenance contracts will be conducted for and on behalf of the DNA Group, by their contracted technology provider, to be in operation for a period to be mutually determined.

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A "One Stop Shop" Solution for Project Development.