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DNA Global Partners Limited

DNA Group Parent & Administrative Company


DNA Global Energy Limited & DNA Green Planet Limited

Each DNA Company works on the strict basis of our Company Policy:

Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

OuR areas of operation

We operate in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

A one stop Formula

 A new era in energy culture, to promote and enable a competitively cost effective, environmentally superior and safe energy and environmental culture.

Turn-Key project delivery

In order to realize our mission, we have formed strategic long term integrated partnerships with expanding companies, enabling us to offer optimal solutions to Nations’ Energy and Environmental requirements

Corporate Philosophy

The DNA Group of Companies works on the principle of long term profit, instead of short term gain. With this strategy foremost we work together with our selected strategic partners.

The place where you will find the Perfect Solution for all your Energy and Environmental Project Needs.

Our DNA Group's Main Divisions.

We have an extensive portfolio of technologies available for sustainable energy generation.

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Our projects range from  planting trees to sustainable agriculture projects.

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All construction methods used by DNA and our partners are environmental friendly with a maximum benefit for local employment.

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We have taylor made solutions for your all your waste problems. MSW, Plastics, Hospital Waste.

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We Plant 7 Million Trees in South-America and Africa.

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Solutions based on Mother Nature.

Project Financing

Strategic & JV Partners

It is mandatory company policy that all Strategic Partners or Regional DNA Group Company are shareholders in any proposed Project Company within their Territory of Operation, unless otherwise agreed in advance with DNA Global Partners Limited

Project Approval

There are two initial stages to each project approval session:

Concept Stage.

Project Proposal Stage.

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